The Complex


For more than 30 years, Burleigh County has owned and operated the Missouri Valley Complex. Having served a multitude of uses during its lifespan—from county fairs, to extension activities to recreational vehicle activities and others, an updated master planning exercise is currently underway to develop the complex into a community amenity that will continue to serve the surrounding area for years to come.

Comprised of more than 310 acres, the Missouri Valley Complex is located on the eastern edge of Bismarck, adjacent to Bismarck Expressway. While previous master plans (completed in 1988 and 2001) have laid out strategic improvements for this complex, recent development on surrounding properties and fluctuations in local recreational trends have encouraged Burleigh County and the Bismarck Parks and Recreation District, to approach new ways of utilizing this site.

The master planning process was initiated with a community open house in September 2016, and concluded in January 2017. Throughout the four-month project, numerous opportunities were provided for the public and vested stakeholders to provide input on the plan.

We welcome community input and encourage you to check back often for project updates and meeting information.

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